Partners: Network Managers

Network Managers are volunteers who lead networks of one or more FreedomBox private servers in their communities. What makes Network Managers different from other FreedomBox users is their leadership and relationship with the FreedomBox Foundation. Network Managers are pioneers: they bring FreedomBox to communities that need it and educate their colleagues about the importance of decentralized digital services and infrastructure. In support of their work, the FreedomBox Foundation offers free services and resources like consulting, special attention to patch and feature requests, on-site visits, and hardware. Network Managers may also collaborate and learn from each other's experiences.

To decentralize the web, the world needs early adopters who are willing to manage their own nodes in a decentralized network infrastructure. Network Managers use FreedomBox to build and lead their own nodes. They are the early adopters who will create a more free web for us all.

2019 Network Managers

Rohan Grey

Rohan Grey is a J.S.D. candidate at Cornell Law School, whose research explores the law of money in the internet society. He is the President of the Modern Money Network, Research Director of the Digital Fiat Currency Institute, and a Research Scholar with the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. He previously worked as an attorney for children, an elementary school teacher, and a professional musician.

Rohan’s interest in technology comes from his father, a scientist who later became a lawyer and helped draft telecommunications and broadcasting legislation for the Australian government. He later became passionate about technological freedom and privacy after studying with Eben Moglen at Columbia Law School. Today, he runs a FreedomBox at home to communicate with his family and friends, and advocates for FreedomBox through the various non-profit organizations and academic networks with which he is affiliated.

Connect with Rohan: Cornell University Profile | LinkedIn | Twitter

Becoming a Network Manager

Network Managers are appointed by the FreedomBox Foundation on the basis of the impact and quality of their work. If you want to become a Network Manager, please email with "Network Manager" in the subject line. The FreedomBox Foundation dedicates significant time and resources to Network Managers. Unfortunately, this means that appointments cannot be given to everyone who is interested.

Note: Neither the FreedomBox software nor the FreedomBox Foundation are endorsed by any of the institutions and organizations with which our Network Managers are affiliated. The individuals on this page represent only themselves.