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Recent News

Announcing the Launch of Sales of Pioneer Edition FreedomBox Home Servers | April 22nd, 2019

The FreedomBox Foundation is proud to announce that sales of the first commercially available FreedomBox have launched. Orders can be placed here.

The product, dubbed a “Pioneer Edition FreedomBox Home Server Kit,” is being sold by Olimex, a company which specializes in Open Source Hardware. The product includes pocket-sized server hardware, an SD card with the operating system pre-installed, and a backup battery which can power the hardware for 4-5 hours in case of outages. It sells for €82 and ships globally.

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Announcing the FreedomBox Forum and Live Demo | March 29th, 2019

Sales of the the much anticipated Pioneer FreedomBox Home Servers launch soon. And our team has been preparing for the day that hardware hits the market. In anticipation of sales, we are proud to launch two new services for our users: a FreedomBox Forum and a live demo of FreedomBox!

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Announcing Pioneer FreedomBox Kits | March 26th, 2019

On Sunday, March 24th at the Free Software Foundation's annual LibrePlanet conference, the FreedomBox Foundation announced that it has partnered with Olimex to sell Pioneer FreedomBox Home Server Kits.

We have been building the FreedomBox software since 2011—that's eight years. And our supporters have been asking for purchasable kits for about as many years. We've heard your voices, and we’re doing this for you.

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Retiring Two Hardware Models | January 8, 2019

After an open discussion, the FreedomBox developer community has decided to retire the DreamPlug and Raspberry Pi 1 hardware models from our lineup of custom FreedomBox images.

For a number of reasons, which are recorded in our public call notes from December 8th, 2018, the FreedomBox community decided that the DreamPlug and Raspberry Pi 1 hardware models are no longer suitable for our software system. Support for these two models was dropped for a number of reasons, including their low performance-to-cost ratios, lack of proper kernel updates, and dependence on non-free software.

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